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Doug Bennett
Phone: 770
Mobile: 678
Fax: 866
Doug Bennett began as a square dancer, dancing for two years before becoming a caller in 1978. He began in South Carolina under the tutelage of Tony Oxendine. He called and taught lessons for several clubs in that area from 1980-1983.

After retiring from the U. S. Navy in 1983, Doug moved to Dallas, Texas and was soon calling and teaching for several clubs in that area as well as traveling throughout Texas and surrounding states.

In 1995 Doug started Global Music Productions. As the owner/producer he produces the music for Global Square Dance Records. He also arranges the music for ~Alliance Records (a partnership label, produced by Bobby Delph).

Doug is a member of the Texas State Callers Association and the North Texas Callers Association (NTCA) has served as training chairman for the latter. He also joined CALLERLAB in 1994 (serving on several committees) and has attended every annual convention since that time. In 1999 Doug was elected to the Board of Governors (BOG) of CALLERLAB.

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