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Lone Blume

Lone Blume (pronounced Lon-uh) comes to us from Soro, Denmark. She began dancing in 1992.   Soon, she found herself helping out with calling demonstration dances when the regular caller was not available.   In 1996, Lone attended her first callers' school and has attended six schools since then.

She now calls from beginners through A1 and dances through A2 level.   Lone is currently calling for three different clubs in Denmark.

Lone has called in many European countries as well as several states in the USA.  She is a regular staff caller at many of the square dance festivals in Europe and has twice been asked to serve on the calling staff of the European National Square Dance Convention.

Lone is a member of CALLERLAB, The International Organization of Square dance Callers.  In Nov. 2002, she was elected to the CALLERLAB BOG (Board Of Governors).  She will begin serving her first three-year term in April 2003, at the annual Convention in San Antonio, TX.

Lone takes a great interest in caller education and has been invited to join the staff on several schools conducted by CALLERLAB accredited caller coaches.
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