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It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Artist: Elmer Sheffield, Jr
Label ESP
Record Number: ESP-1077

Price: $6.00
Formats Available:
Listen ESP-1077 Sound Clip:
Listen ESP-1077 SoundClip:

Cue Sheet:

To Place an Order for It's Five O'clock Somewhere (for CD, MP3 or Vinyl)

Choose the format available from the selection above. Not all of our square dance records are available in each format. This square dance music is available in the following formats: MP3

Now you can order square dance music in MP3 format from this portion of A&S Record Shop and download it immediately. If you add only MP3s to your shopping cart and continue to checkout you will be taken to PayPal to process the payment. ONCE THE PAYMENT IS PROCESSED YOU'LL NEED TO CLICK THE LINK AT PAYPAL TO RETURN TO OUR STORE (SITE). THE RETURN TO OUR STORE IS NOT AUTOMATIC, YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE LINK, THEN WHEN YOU GET BACK A DOWNLOAD LINK FOR YOUR PURCHASE(s) WILL BE WAITING. (BUT THE LINK WON'T STAY THERE LONG!) Yes, almost immediately you can now download your purchase and have your music!

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It's not necessary to send money with your order, though it's certainly appreciated. We are computer based (proudly Macintosh!!), so your credits and accounts are accurately recorded. Invoices are sent with your orders and due upon receipt. An exception to this is if the package is going outside the USA in which case we must have payment before shipping. It is the only way we can bring you efficient service and low prices. We have never been set up for credit cards, which also saves you money.


The record listings include the price of each square dance record. We ship First Class/Priority mail with the U.S. Postal Service. We take the chance and do not insure, thereby saving you extra charges. Although it costs us much more than $1 to get a package ready and into the postal system, that's all we charge above the actual postage! For the sake of brevity we call that $1 "Handling."

Doing business with us is as simple as that! The shop is attached to our home, so we're available 7 days a week.

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